From battlefields to farmlands, from catwalk to the beaten track, we have lived through life’s most spectacular sojourns. Our names have been on the mastheads of world’s best newspapers and our hearts have been etched in the far corners we have traversed. For the better part of our journey, we were The 7th Frontier and now we carry the legacy forward as Geo 360º.

In a thrill-a-minute ride spanning two decades, we have won our clients, hearts and minds of people everywhere and our country, some very rare precious metal. It has been a story that captures the indomitable Sri Lankan spirit in a way that makes your heart pound to the beat that says, ‘count me in’! Abracadabra! We do what we speak. It’s our promise.

We don't do advertising!

Winning hearts and minds is what we do. Our clients pay us for that.

Creative Advertising

Loved working with them!

In our two-decade journey,
we have been blessed to work with these brands.

Yes, we
built that!

KumbukRiver is the best ad we ever created; for our country. That's why the world awarded it as the best.

We love
the wild.

We created another first and we partnered the
wildlife department on a far-reaching crusade.

And we run a green mission.

You can help us fight to save this
island of many thousand delights!

Oh, we get
bored fast!

We are working on some new projects.
You'll hear about them really soon.

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